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Salvation Lessons

Salvation Lessons

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LIVE Interactive Online Lessons.
Personal One-to-One Assistance.
Get All the Essential Questions Answered.
Learn Exactly What the Bible Teaches on Salvation.
Lessons Can Be Anonymous.
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Benefits: Bible Study On Your Schedule  ✞  Private and/or Group Bible Study  ✞  Bible Study from Home or Anywhere

How It Works

  1. Start. Click Here to Start Salvation Lessons Now or on any "Start Now" button on our website.
  2. Email. You will receive an email reply when we receive your enrollment request to make arrangements to connect LIVE. If you signed up for our FREE introductory Salvation Lessons course then you will need a FREE Skype account. If you have enrolled for private lessons then we can connect by Skype or phone.
  3. Contact Us. For our introductory Salvation Lessons course you will want to contact us through Skype by searching "Salvation Lessons" or "". We recommend you are ready to join each lesson 10 minutes before the actual start time of the lesson. You can access the lesson online by computer, mobile device or other internet-connected device. If you have enrolled for private lessons then you can email us, Skype us or we can call you to make lesson arrangements.
  4. Enjoy Lesson. The introductory lessons are generally 40 minutes each followed by 20 minutes of Q&A discussion time. Interaction is optional. You can simply listen or ask questions, make comments, etc. via written chat, voice and/or video. You may even be on the radio as our studies are often broadcast through our sister site: Salvation Radio. When in group settings, out of respect for your fellow learners, we ask that you please wait for the appropriate breaks to ask questions, that you take turns and keep your questions brief and respectful. If you are interested in proceeding with further study after the initial lesson course or have additional questions, you can sign-up for private salvation lessons.
Salvation is the most important life step you'll ever take. We understand that and are prepared to assist you. We also offer ongoing mentorship and shepherding as well as other salvation related events to participate in. We are here to see you through and hope to build everlasting friendships with you!

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