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Salvation Lessons

Salvation Lessons

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Who We Are
(and Who We're NOT)

Who We Are NOT. It's best to share who we are by first stating who we aren't. We understand the tension in the world surrounding religion and the "baggage" that often goes with it. We ourselves have been skeptics, doubters, questioners and challengers. Our faith in Christ has been hard won. No "easy believers" here. We've found a path that is good and a way that works and we're sharing it. That's it. No pressure, no guilt trips, no agenda. Just sharing what needs to be shared - the "Good News".

Who We Are. Who we are is real people just like you. We've been through the worst of times and the best of times. We've tried virtually every avenue out there and have settled in on the one that works. We're parents, children, friends, brothers and sisters. We strive to encourage and educate, help and "spur on toward love and good deeds". We've seen our own share of hypocrisy in the religious world along with incomplete and even false doctrine being taught. We desire to share the truth and help people learn the truth found in the Bible and to understand what God actually desires. We welcome being questioned, challenged, disagreed with and we've certainly endured persecution in and for his name. We desire and strive for our response to always be one of love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. We hope you will take a chance and give us the opportunity to share the joy we've found and the new life we've discovered with you. We thank you for opening that door!

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